Visiting Technip on the Maasvlakte

It is a gray and windy Tuesday morning when Jan, Kim and myself arrive at the Maasvlakte. We have agreed to visit our people who work at Technip. These expats come from all over Europe and often stay on site for the duration of the project. Or in the neighborhood. Dutch colleague Kim arranges everything for them: work, visas, housing.

We have great conversations with the men and everyone is happy to see Kim and Jan again. We were also able to reserve some time for some short interviews. One with Dan and a double interview with Alin and Farid.

Dan works as a precommissioning & commissioning supervisor in a brownfield project building new jetties.

Farid and Alin both work as HSE supervisors on a neighboring greenfield site. In a fine and dynamic interview, they talk about what it is like to be a safety supervisor on site.

Balancing between technical reason and human connection: Insights from our HSE supervisors Alin and Farid

In the complex world of construction, safety supervisors play an important role by combining technical acumen with a nuanced understanding of human dynamics. This article explores the insights of Farid and Alin, two HSE supervisors, whose experiences shed light on the multifaceted nature of safety management in construc

Alin & Farid

Farid, relatively new to his role as safety supervisor, brings a fresh perspective to the field and highlights the learning curve and dynamic environment of the construction site. Alin, a veteran with more than 17 years of experience, offers depth and shares lessons learned from various international projects. Together, they offer a comprehensive look at construction safety challenges and strategi

The role of safety supervisors in construction

Safety supervisors such as Farid and Alin are tasked with keeping the construction site as safe as possible. They oversee the implementation of safety protocols, conduct risk assessments and ensure that safety regulations are followed. Their work is critical in preventing accidents and ensuring that all work is conducted without incident.

Technical and human challenges in safety supervision

Farid and Alin regularly face serious challenges, from bad weather conditions affecting project timelines to technical glitches such as hydraulic failures. (Check the podcast for details!) These examples highlight the unpredictable nature of construction projects and the need for adept problem-solving skills and robust safety measures.

The social dynamics of safety in construction

Construction sites are melting pots of cultures and languages, which can make communication difficult. Farid stresses the importance of the social aspect of their work, noting that “the best ideas are useless if you can’t communicate them effectively.” This part of their job requires not only technical knowledge, but also empathy, patience and interpersonal skills to effectively manage diverse teams.

Safety philosophy and practical wisdom

Both supervisors share a philosophy that couples rigor with empathy. Alin uses metaphors to express this balance, such as the need to wash both hands to illustrate the cooperative effort needed to maintain safety. This approach underscores the importance of mutual respect and understanding in fostering a culture where safety is paramount.

Personal growth and professional development

Reflecting on personal growth, Farid and Alin agree that the role of a safety supervisor is as much about personal development as it is about professional responsibility. They stress the importance of learning from each situation and each individual, regardless of their role on the construction site. Advice to their younger selves would be about the value of listening, learning and applying feedback constructively.

Understanding is everything

Farid and Alin emphasize that effective safety management in construction is not just about following rules and regulations. It is also about understanding and managing people, nurturing a culture of safety and constantly adapting to new challenges. Their insights reveal that the core of safety in construction lies in the delicate balance between maintaining high standards and engaging with staff in a way that respects and values their contributions. This dual focus on technical precision and human engagement ultimately ensures that every team member gets home safely every day.

An Informal Conversation with Dan Apostu

We also had a little chat during our visit with Dan Apostu, one of our sharp minds from Romania, who has been joining the team since last October. Dan is the go-to guy when it comes to pre-commissioning and commissioning. He makes sure everything runs like clockwork, from construction to full operational start-

Everything by the book

Dan ensures that our facilities not only work, but are safe for use. Dan is currently working on a major project to take the entire site to the next level. Think construction of new systems and additions to existing projects, such as loading facilities and water treatment plants. Despite the complexity of it all, Dan assures us with a small smile that everything is going according to plan as best he can.


Safety first

Safety is Dan’s top priority. Especially on a brownfield site, where pre-existing facilities are already in operation, this is enormously challenging. Also, as in any large project, there is the cliché of communication and teamwork. But with Dan’s experience and the support of Network, even this piggy is washed.

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